Advent Daily Prayer 2010

Each year at Church on the Corner we mark Advent together, and this year we are exploring prayer. Advent is a really important season in the church year, often lost in the the run up to Christmas. Advent means ‘the coming’ it is the solomn fast before the great feast of Christmas, and it is a time to look forward to the joy ahead of us.

While there is much we do well at Church on the Corner, Prayer is often something we struggle with, and all too often it becomes a burden and a source of guilt, when it should be life giving, refreshing and nourishing. But while prayer will always require decision and discipline there are many patterns of prayer which are rich and wise. Often we have grown up in just one tradition, and this Advent we are intending to explore some older patterns together.

We make this commitment, before God and one another to pray each day throughout the season, and when we fail to get up and start again. There are three different patterns, which are well worth trying out, but once you find one that works well for you, try to commit to it.

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One thought on “Advent Daily Prayer 2010

  1. I continue to follow your website and be amazed at how you find the time and effort that goes into it. But it reminds me of the commitment I would like to have had I the time (very old excuse). I will try and pray with you during this Advent and make time for God in my life.

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