Service of Shadows

Our now traditional Service of Shadows takes place at the end of Good Friday. It is a beautiful, poignant service of readings, candles and contemplation; a solemn vigil to make this most holy day and to prepare for Easter.  It begins at Sunset, which is 8pm this year. Please be on time.   The Service of ShadowsContinue reading “Service of Shadows”

Advent Daily Prayer 2010

Each year at Church on the Corner we mark Advent together, and this year we are exploring prayer. Advent is a really important season in the church year, often lost in the the run up to Christmas. Advent means ‘the coming’ it is the solomn fast before the great feast of Christmas, and it is aContinue reading “Advent Daily Prayer 2010”

Greenbelt 2009 – Decelerate

Welcome to everyone visiting after seeing us at Greenbelt. Great to meet so many of you there. Here is the set list, and resources for you to use. It would be great to know about places where you use them! 1) Our starting point was this terrible Samsung advert called Patience is not a virtueContinue reading “Greenbelt 2009 – Decelerate”

The peoples republic of heaven

This term at Church on the Corner we are studying Luke’s gospel, a series called ‘The peoples republic of heaven’, an intentionally provocative title which should become clearer as we go on. Luke is unique, and quite distinct from the other three gospels, with its own purpose and message. Gospels are not simply collections ofContinue reading “The peoples republic of heaven”