starting from zero

Becky Garrison is a NY based religious journalist who is exploring new forms of church. Her work is particularly aimed at the US scene, arguing that effective church dosen’t have to be large scale, and mega budget (and may in fact be better if it isn’t). She visited COTC last year, and there is aContinue reading “starting from zero”

St Pauls Public Debates

This autumn St Paul’s Cathedral are holding a series of public debates on themes such as Love, happiness, suffering and death, and inviting heavyweights like Stanley Hauerwas and Oliver James to contribute. It is one of the great privileges of living in London that this stuff happens around us, and it is all too easyContinue reading “St Pauls Public Debates”

Greenbelt 2009 – Decelerate

Welcome to everyone visiting after seeing us at Greenbelt. Great to meet so many of you there. Here is the set list, and resources for you to use. It would be great to know about places where you use them! 1) Our starting point was this terrible Samsung advert called Patience is not a virtueContinue reading “Greenbelt 2009 – Decelerate”