Service of Shadows

Our now traditional Service of Shadows takes place at the end of Good Friday. It is a beautiful, poignant service of readings, candles and contemplation; a solemn vigil to make this most holy day and to prepare for Easter.  It begins at Sunset, which is 8pm this year. Please be on time.   The Service of ShadowsContinue reading “Service of Shadows”

What is the point of the Resurrection?

Our homegroups are starting a new series of discussions based on the excellent book ‘Surprised by Hope’. Tom Wright is the former Bishop of Durham, and a leading N.T. Scholar and his work on the implications of the Easter story, not just for the church but for the whole world, is inspiring. You can watchContinue reading “What is the point of the Resurrection?”

Easter 2008

If felt to me that Easter brought together all the themes we have been exploring over the last few months, themes like Kingdom, justice, restoration & creation. On Sunday morning we reflected on the resurrection account in Luke, and also this wonderful image by Stanley Spencer (click for a very large version). He imagines theContinue reading “Easter 2008”